Private instance activities

Hello guys, I have a question that was urging out of my mind, my question: is it allowed to have sex with a adult in private instances of a well known world or not?

I hope this is a question that needs to be solved if I am allowed to ask that.

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VRChat will never respond to you by the affirmative, and neither will I, that’s part of the rules :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That being said. Consent, always, being between two adults, ALWAYS.

For the rest, i will quote the guidelines Community Guidelines — VRChat

And if anything, check out the Terms of Service — VRChat of VRChat.

That’s all for me folks.

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Thanks for your help on my way to know the vrchat rules better

Never ask the VRC team about this because they can not really speak on it and they will simply show you the rules. But ERP sits in a gray area, You can do what you do but if you are reported then that is the end of it.

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