Would it be okay to have a private world prevent access to unauthorized users?

I’m planning on hosting events for a group with a special custom world, the world the event would be hosted in is private but due to how VRChat worlds work someone could grab the link to the private world and create their own instances.

Would it be okay if I were to create an authorization system (via a whitelist) that effectively locks down the world unless someone on the list was there to open it up?

I know something like this isn’t allowed for public worlds for obvious reasons but would it okay for a private world intended to only be accessible for events?

Generally it’s for an RP group I plan to host weekly and I just want to avoid people metagaming and spoiling secrets by accessing the world outside of event times.

I mean. What would be the additional value to lock it for people not being part of your event.

People that plays at your eve’t will in the group instance, so I’m not sure why you would lock it for anyone else in every instance (just want to understand).

Edit, nevermind, didn’t read well.
Hmm as it’s for private, I don’t know. It’s complicated

this would probably be fine lots of creators do this though mostly in private test/beta worlds. make it clear that its locked for events at the spawn. might want to ask vrchat help.vrchat.com just in case

Yeah I plan to have a sign in spawn thats just along the lines of “this world is inaccessible without an event host of [GROUP NAME], please go to [GROUP DISCORD/WEBPAGE] to learn how to join our events!” And whatnot.

I just want to be able to avoid people metagaming the roleplay and ruining the experience for everyone by exploring the map and finding secrets/lore instead of finding them in-character during events and end up potentially ruining story plots and such.

How about an in game flag that is obtained through string loading from a server. That way you can “open” the map whenever events occur and “close it” when you want.

Generally I need it to be a list of people who can only access it and while I could do some Discord bot shenanigans to do something like that… but it would just be easier to just have a string loader with a list of names of people who are allowed to open the full world.

I think it might be possible to check if someone has a role in a certain group too so I can probably drive it via that too.

In technical yes, but I belive it will still be against the guidelines.

I don’t know, will let you judge.

My suggestion would be to add a mirror and maybe a video player to the “lobby”