VRChat World Portals Question

Hello There,

I had an Idea in my mind and don’t know if it is even possible rn.
My Idea was to place some portals in my own world that lead to other worlds but will use group instances and not public instance. So I want to make a portal like to a game world and when you walk throw it, that it will put you in a group instance server and not just public.

But I think with what I did see in the documentation it isn’t possible rn.
Is that true or is there a way to archive my goal?

Thank you for your help and Ideas.
Your Sincerely,

AFAIK this isn’t possible just yet. Sorry!

Is there a possible way to suggest this feature to VRChat?

A prime candidate for posting on https://feedback.vrchat.com !

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Befor I made a feature request I found this post and I think that is similar to my request or do I misunderstand it?

That seems to be a superset of the feature request you want to make, yeah!