Portal in world - help please

Hi there, my first post here, hope someone can help me out.
I recreated a series of worlds that i had originally done in Altspace called the musical journey. I have these worlds all linked via portals. They are to be explored with friends however the portals work differently. My issue is as follows, here is an example. 2 users enter the world then travel thru the portal ( i used portal maker) and the users don’t go to the same instance but 2 different instances of the linked world. This defeats the purpose of exploring the musical journey together. Looking for any help on options to send users thru the portal to the same instance of the linked world. thanks kbot

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Are your two people a Quest user and a PC user? for whatever reason I’ve seen that happen every time when its PC and Quest people walking into an in world portal.

One thing that has improved recently is that in game you can select such a portal and then drop a portal to a specific public instance. (or make a friends+ if you’re after that)

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i will have to do a test and confirm i thought quest users different instance but maybe PC and Quest cause this to occur

VRChat recently made portals selectable. So now players can select the portal, create a new private instance and then drop a portal to it.

We just need people to actually learn about this.

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I frequently have this issue too, even when both users are on PC. I know we can make our own instance, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Sometimes it works fine that I can follow my friend through a world-placed portal, but sometimes we end up in different instances.