Portals sometimes have issues in worlds

This happens every so often. Sometimes I am the only one that doesn’t see the portal but sometimes a few players do not see the portal. The people who can see it can enter it of course but these aren’t fully formed so I can’t when this occurs. I’m using a Quest, can’t recall if I’ve seen it happen on PCVR.

Never saw something like this. I guess it’s canny time, as it’s not a user customizable feature.

Or maybe there is something specific to that one portal that glitches, like name or permissions. I don’t know.

I’ve seen that a few times on PC. Usually those nights I end up getting use out of the ability to invite myself places via the website

It happened again last night but this time I created the portal. Others could enter it but mine was not fully formed. I can get to the same place I just wait until someone shows up in the world and join them.

It is clearly a bug, I’m not the only person who sees it happen.

Please make sure you post about it on our Bug Report feedback board? We don’t monitor the Ask forums for bug reports as often as we monitor the feedback boards.