For just one friend portals never work

A bunch of us (all friends) will meet and someone will drop a portal to another world. We can all walk thru it except for one friend. It “never” sends here anywhere she just walks thru the portal and comes out the other side still in the original world. I generally create Friends+ instances but I am pretty sure I tried Public as well.

Generally we’re a mix of Quest 2 and 3 headsets, she is one a Quest 2 but so are lots of other people in our group. Any ideas?

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I had a lot of trouble with portals pulling me in, so I’ve turned on confirmations. So now I have to walk up to a portal and it’ll tell me to use the right trigger to enter portal.

Sounds like a different problem to me. None of the players in the group have mentioned being pulled in accidentally and only one player is consistently not transported or affected at all by a portal that all the others walk through.

Good news… I checked with the friend and sure enough she had that confirmation setting turned on but didn’t know it. I assume she didn’t see a prompt or the meaning didn’t register with her.

All fixed, so thanks for the clue.

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