Quest 2: Joins public worlds/accepts friend invites, gets sent to solo world after weird update

So, yesterday I was on my Quest 2 and booted it up after letting it charge a bit. I had noticed my VRChat had an available update, which I accepted it. Though, I have updates automatically happen on my Quest 2. After it updated, I had noticed that when I invite friends to my world instance (on invite only and with at minimum Ask Me status), they could not join the world and were sent to a new clone instance with nobody.

I would then request to be invited and receive the invites. I’d accept the invites, standard stuff. However, once I load into the world there’d be absolutely nobody but me in the world. I then tested it on public worlds, which I’d go join a public instance which is supposed to have 10+ people in it, only to wind up in a lobby with just me.

So I thought it was my VRChat in general, so I gave desktop a go. Desktop had no issues whatsoever, so it’s only limited to my Quest 2. I think it might be an experimental update that’s causing these issues to only my Quest 2, due to seeing a new feature that allows me to lock portals where only friends can enter or unlock where anyone can enter.

Did a new update come out still in testing phase my Quest 2 was given or is my Quest 2’s VRChat bugged? And how do I go about solving this issue?

Issue resolved itself on it’s own! My Quest VRChat just had been given the security update 1-2 days in advance to others!

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