Cannot join friends/have friends join me on Quest!

I’ve ran into an issue that is hard to understand: I went onto VRChat on my Oculus Quest 2 and it took 2-3 minuets for me to load into my home-world, and although that was unusual it wasn’t the main issue. My main issue is that upon loading into VRChat I was trying to invite a friend to my home-world, however he said through Discord that upon accepting the request it prevented him from joining me and booted him back to his home-world. So I then tried to see if it gave me an error if I was going to join someone else on VRChat, and it did giving me 'Error 400.'

Although my internet connection is POOR I was able to do normal activities and join people in VRChat before this glitch occurred; I’ve also uninstalled/reinstalled the game and that didn’t solve the issue. This has been happening to me since 6PM EST on 1/29/2023, and my only possible option is resetting my headset and then reinstalling the game again hoping it’s the headset itself causing this glitch (which I hope it isn’t). Also, my sister has her own account on the same headset since we’re sharing it, however she is NOT experiencing this complication when playing VRChat.

So I wonder if anyone else on standalone Quest has had this issue, and if there is a better alternative than RESETTING my entire headset.

Issue Update: 1/31/2023 6:36 PM EST
SOLUTION Confirmed: 2/1/2023 10:56 AM EST

I have found out something a few hours ago… apparently if others have their status set to Join Me, then I can join them in their world/instance. This also works the other way around with people being able to join you with Join Me status.

The glitch/bug disappeared around same time it showed up within a 48hr. time period. It may have been VRChat doing something with my account (idk) however all that was left to do is re-show my friends avatars and continue playing. This was something unexpected to encounter, and in case this happens to someone I hope this article will help.