Quest 2 crashing

sometimes when i join worlds in quest 2 the whole world would turn dark and lag alot then it would send me back to the quest menu anyone know how to fix it or something?

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this.

If this is happening in public, other users could be doing this. There are people in VRChat who want to cause harm to other users for fun by crashing your game.

What can you do? Well, being in public can be toxic, so if you’re looking for friends and this keeps happening to you in public and there are no other ways to fix this, I’d suggest you join a group or groups that interest you and attend their events so you can meet new people in an actively moderated instance.

If this is happening to you in every worlds you go to, I recommend contacting the VRChat support team, who will be able to assist you better.

There might also be some setting optimizations you could try for the Quest 2. Take a look around YouTube and you’ll no doubt find some suggestions and hints on how to optimize your Quest and to squeeze as much performance out of it that you can. :slight_smile: