Just curious for display resolution of VR

I’m using a Meta Quest 2 and play with Air Link. Is desktop resolution influence to VR display quality when started VRChat?

For example, When read text a small size, My friends can read text but i can’t even using same VR. I though that problem is Air Link. So, i tried by using Link Cable, but still can’t read.

I’m just curious what is problem. Is desktop resolution of VRChat influence to VR display quality, Or my VR is broken, Or just i have low vision?


Same VR as in both have Quest 2? I wonder if antialiasing type options have effect.

Where I would start is mark a spot on the ground and both take screenshots from headset at the same item, compare these on desktop.

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Thank you for reply! I tried antialiasing setting of VRChat, But that’s not a solution in my case.

And i tried some of solutions that ‘change quest resolution setting’, ‘change steamVR resolution setting’ and ‘change debug tool resolution setting’. But that’s not a solution. :rofl:

Hey so I also have a Q2 and I have used airlink and link in the past
And, after tinkering with this a lot myself, there are a few things going on possibly

The PC compresses the image to send it to your quest but it does this a little less over link than airlink
Unfortunately some fuzziness is a feature of the compression

Your internet could possibly not be good enough and that can be hurting your resolution
Is your PC plugged in to an Ethernet cable? That can be an easy fix for this if Internet is the culprit

Another thing is that your image may be burring due to asynchronous spacewarp so look up how to disable that in your settings and see if you find a difference
I also know that supersampling, motion smoothing, and many other settings can impact the clarity of the image

Additionally, I recommend turning off the SteamVR home (unless you use it) from loading by default as it apparently takes a lot from your PC to have it in the background
Maybe look up and other PCVR Windows optimization tips and VRChat optimization tips on Youtube

The fuzziness you are talking about is why I switched to Virtual Desktop (I use that instead of Oculus link or airlink)
After messing around with settings, I have found a really sweet spot where the colors are brilliant, the text is legible, and my performance is passable