Graphic Settings (For lower world / quality for smooth FPS)

I would like to see Graphics settings be added to VRChat do that way it can lower lot quality and get better FPS. Since some worlds uses lot effects and posting so that’s why we need ability lower everything in VRChat main settings not inside world settings.

heya, you might want to check the feedback section.

this part of the site is meant for users like you and me ask for help or share cool stuff.

ah didnt know its there or here, thank you let me know

You already can as it’s a default feature in Unity games. Just press and hold Shift before you press play in Steam (The window that asks you if you want to play in VR or desktop), a configuration window should open.

Yes, but these settings don’t affect much.
Those graphical settings need to be setup game side, and I don’t think VRC has them setup

I did checked they backend code for unity settings and you mostly right, it’s not set on VRChat. It’s there but doesn’t do nothing then fake settings on that mainly. I had friends test as vr low and doesn’t change nothing same goes desktop or vr high so mainly default use all hardware it has got and doesn’t have graphic Settings but I did put in they feedback. So all down upvotes mainly now.

It actually does do something. Additionally It’s explained on the VRChat discord what exactly they do.

If they did absolutely nothing there would not be worlds in the game that advise you to not use DesktopLow / VRLow (This is a very small amount of worlds, granted)
A difference that you might be able to see is DesktopLow has MSAA completely disabled while VRHigh has MSAA set to x8, VRLow is set to x4

Edit: The differences with DesktopLow and VRHigh with MSAA aren’t really a thing anymore as you can adjust the MSAA level in-game now under Adv. Graphics.

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