Difference between the new graphics quality presets

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Since 2021.3.2, we can read this in the release notes: Added in-app setting to change between graphics quality presets, available under the Advanced Performance Settings.

But I would like to know what are the exact differences attributed to each preset during their development, so for Ultra, High, Medium and Low?

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Interestingly enough, the new SDK imports these quality settings into Unity. So if you just take the new SDK you can see for yourself what they do.
Below I’ve taken screenshots of all of them (except mobile) and put them into a Imgur Album.

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I didn’t know that you could see the quality in Unity settings.

Sorry about the delay on this, but we’ve documented it now!

That page is a little out of date, there’s no more Configuration Window. I can’t edit the page due to a readme bug. :cry: I emailed them.

Either way, the graphics preset images are correct.