Introductions - Zekk


What I Do in VRChat:
I do a lot of stuff! However, my main activities are writing shaders and VFX. I also enjoy the occasional DJ event, hanging with friends, and attending events in the communities that I am active.

If you are interested, some of my shader work can be found on Gumroad at:

Why and How I Joined VRChat:
I first played VRChat in 2018 during the knuckles craze with a real life friend as a desktop user. I then proceeded to not touch the game again for almost 4 years. I got pulled back into VRChat after rediscovering it via Youtube videos. A week later I dove in head first, purchasing a valve index. Shortly after that I found the power and enjoyment of being able to make something in Unity, and then immediately share it with your friends, which has kept me locked in the Unity dungeon for a year and a half now.

Favorite VRChat Memory:
One of my favorite memories was from a VRLabs meetup. A few days before the meetup a bug was discovered that allowed colliders to interact with remote players. Someone showed up to the meetup with an avatar that would push everyone into the sky while playing music. Not only was it just fun in general, but it kicked off a round of discussion related to how exactly the bug worked, testing was done, and some funny use cases were demonstrated before it got patched.

Favorite World:
I don’t really have a favorite world, I don’t explore a lot as most of my interest is focused on the avatar side of the game. But Luminescent Ledge, Audioorbs, ORGANISM, Mochie’s Avatar Testing, and Avatar Testing Chamber are a few that come to mind.

Picture of my usual avatar:
Because I do a lot of shader stuff, my appearance is in a constant state of flux, but this is the avatar base that I use! Merriana by Astrafluff!

Why I came to these forums:
I came to the forums because I am interested to see them (hopefully) develop into a great creator resource. I’ve always held the opinion that the more people that are creating content for VRChat the better. It will ensure that this game survives into the future. So any resource that could further empower more people to create is something that I am interested in!


Welcome to the forums! I actually saw your projector asset on twitter the other day, looks really damn cool and I will probably pick it up myself for a project in the future!

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I saw you the other day with that cool drone shader that lets other people carry off the drone…! cool stuff :D

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Thank you both :D

Excited to be here.

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