Introductions - Yewnyx

Name: Yewnyx

What I Do in VRChat: Explore, talk shop about programming topics, gamedev, anime, VR. I’m practically a stereotype.

Why and How I Joined VRChat: Covid, basically. I planned to travel the world, but circumstances conspired to make that impossible. I’d tried VRChat once - briefly - years ago, in 2018, but it didn’t stick. I tried again after seeing some clips online and thinking I’d give it another shot, and this time, it did stick.

Favorite VRChat Memory: I’ve got a lot, but the most important, meaningful ones are mostly meeting interesting people and opening new opportunities that changed the course of my life. Stuff that’s boring to describe but have great personal significance. Jadez, Alex, and many more people have had a huge impact on me and I’m grateful for them.

Favorite World:
Artsy Glitch’s Solar Cabins. Love the bright colors, good lighting, and solid background ambience.

Picture of my usual avatar:

Made by the wonderfully talented Mari!

Why I came to these forums:

I have a breadth of experiences to bring to the table that I think can add to discussions. I want to listen and learn, and be heard and perhaps teach others when I can.

I have high hopes that VRChat can build up and take responsibility for its creator community in a sustainable way and see this forum as a good first step.


Hey Yewn!