Introduction - ZenithVal


What I Do in VRChat:
I hangout with friends & spend a lot of time creating avatars for myself and others. Esoteric avatar systems and absurd animator logic are weirdly (mostly) enjoyable for me!
Also, sleep (Sorry)

Why and How I Joined VRChat:
Back near the end of 2017, I assembled a cursed VR setup which was a combination of a Oculus DK2 + Playstation move controllers. It was horrid. The goofy shenanigans of that ever so prevalent red creature at the time and the positive social experiences I had made VRC stick in my mind. I eventually got the Vive that I’m still somehow using to this day and the rest was history.

Favorite VRChat Memory:
Can I be sappy and say the friends I made along the way? My first VRC New Years (2019) with a group of friends that I consider myself closer to than anyone IRL will stick with me forever.

Favorite World:
I don’t really have a specific favorite but if it’s got a calm atmosphere and isn’t a strain on the eyes, I’m sold.

Picture of my usual avatar:
I’ve got a consistent body base & head but you can find me using variety of outfits ~ (most of which are usually shiny)

Why I came to these forums:
I’d love to lend a hand wherever possible in making these forms a great creator resource and hub we’ll all benefit from.


Love the spartan one, super cool material work!
Welcome to the forums :)