Introduction - Salbug


Salbug although you may just refer to me as Sal. (She/They)

What I Do in VRChat:

Nowadays I’m more mellowed out then I used to be, but these days I’m mainly just people watching or hanging out in small groups as I rarely do large gatherings these days. Occasionally doing some small world hops either solo or with others. Lately I’ve picked up on world creation so I may upload something whenever I have the time and motivation to do so, same with avatars really.

Why and How I Joined VRChat:

I remember watching some meme videos from Jameskii or someone else like at the start of January 2018 and decided to check it out. Didn’t stick around for long unfortunately since it was during a very difficult and busy time of my life and sort of a transitionary phase as well. It wasn’t until mid-March of 2019 that I managed to hop back into it.

Favorite VRChat Memory:

To be honest, I don’t really have a distinct standout memory of something in particular at least that I have the capacity to remember, but I do always enjoy the times I spend with friends~

Favorite World:

Gonna cheat on this one and put a top-ten (in no particular order) instead.

Picture of my usual avatar:

I shift between multiple avatars depending on my mood and other various factors, but currently my top three personal avatars used.

Why I came to these forums:

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve actively used forums and kinda miss it so why not start out again on something I’m pretty passionate about~


hi sal!!

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