Introduction - TrixxedHeart

Name: I go typically by TrixxedHeart, but also Mora or just Trix

What I Do in VRChat: I mostly create models, I have a lot of Blender experience and enjoy creating my own original characters in the game! You can find a lot of my avatars in my avatar world!

Why and How I Joined VRChat: It was maybe about five years ago back in 2018 that I saw a video on YouTube featuring a VR game I hadn’t heard of, people hanging out around in the old OLD hub from back then. Few days later I found out the game was on desktop and that was when I officially joined! Since then, VRChat has been the reason I learned to 3D model and create so much stuff I never could’ve dreamed of doing before.

Favorite VRChat Memory: Long time ago I created a world called “Tricks Hollow Knight Avatars”, featuring original models I made of numerous characters from HollowKnight, I’d frequently hang out in it and talk to people who’d join to see the avatars. One of my favorite moments was definitely when we would all use one avatar of the moth character from the game and run around worlds slamming our faces into the closest brightest thing, which was frequently a person.

Favorite World: This one is a doozy! I have a few! I’ll list a few I can think of off the top of my head, who knows, might throw in more later.

  1. DrivingCity at Night by amesake
  2. The Cupboard by Lateo
  3. The Wanderer by WildClaw
  4. Ricocheive by knfoxl
  5. Wild Flower | 野の花 by Artsy Glitch
  6. Monsoon by Table
  7. Astral Bounds by Vectriel

Picture of my usual avatar:
You may have seen it around occasionally and that’s because I am an eldritch hivemind that extends my vast reach to others.

Why I came to these forums:
I like to talk too much.


hi trixxed! i really like your avatar, i have indeed seen it around a few times :D