Introductions - DrBlackRat

DrBlackRat (he / him)

What I Do in VRChat:
A lot of things!
The usual hanging out with Friends, going to events like Furality etc. But I also make a few things with Udon here and there! I do like to write a few canny posts here and there too :D⠀

Why and How I Joined VRChat:
I first played VRChat in 2018 in Desktop Mode, ended up being really confused by everything didn’t touch the game again until I got my HTC Vive in 2019 xD
I honestly don’t remember why I started to play VRChat, I just thought it was cool to be able to hand out and interact with people all over the world.
heck I didn’t even know what Furries were before I started to play VRChat lmao

Favorite VRChat Memory:
Man I could list a lot of stuff in here, but I would probably say Furality Luma. It wasn’t my first Furality, but it was the first one I spent with a big friend group of mine and it was just amazing.

Favorite World:
I don’t think I have one Favourite World, but if I had to pick, it would probably be one from Artsy Glitch or Silyataru. I just love the care they put into every single detail of their Worlds.

Picture of my usual avatar:

I hope a render also works :D⠀

Why I came to these forums:
Idk I just like to help others and to talk with people about all kinds of stuff related to VRChat :D⠀


hello doc!


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It’s all your fault Tupper!

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