Introduction - Jetdog8808

Name: Jetdog8808, You can just call me Jet.

What I Do in VRChat: I like developing and optimizing worlds as well as helping others with their creations. Due to life situations I’ve not been able to do much of that. Most of my days now have been chilling with friends.

Why and How I Joined VRChat: I joined VRChat August 30, 2017 right as they updated to unity 5.6. I don’t remember how I found VRChat, but once I learned it supported Desktop mode I joined. Then got hooked when I found out I could upload avatars and worlds.

Favorite VRChat Memory: I don’t have a specific memory, but will always cherish the friends I’ve made and my time with them.

Favorite World: I’m biased for my own worlds, but don’t really have a favorite. I do enjoy worlds that push what we can do in VRChat.

Picture of my usual avatar:

This is my current main avatar I’ve been using.

Older users will recognize me more as the Master Chef.

Why I came to these forums: I like helping others and hope my knowledge may assist someone, as well as share things I’ve made here.


Hi jetdog! I think the first time I met you, we were sitting in one of your worlds years ago and chatting with you up in a tree…