Introduction - Tony_Lewis


What I Do in VRChat:
Mainly making worlds and providing support across multiple discord servers and on Twitter.
Now on days, I mainly do supporing on discord and on Twitter so you may see my name across multiple discord server.
Also I do mod/admin multi discord server too so you may find me easily.

Why and How I Joined VRChat:
Since last service I used got EoL, I just found VRChat as replacement at the time.

Favorite VRChat Memory:
I start my life at “Japan Town” where non-exist now on day.
When I pop-in first time, 1 person there be so nice and still the friend now on day.

Favorite World:
This is kind of tricky question…As I create worlds, enjoy my worlds. xd

Picture of my usual avatar:
Sure why not. Fully customised Masscat avatar since when I become New User. Actually…I’m same since then for few years.

Why I came to these forums:
I just do same thing as I do for discord and on Twitter, just helping other people sort out issue and help people find solutions.


Hi Tony! Every time I see you around, you’re helping people. Thank you for all your hard work!

My pleasure to be helping community.

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