Introductions - Kai the Pom

Name, pronouns: Kai the Pom (he/him/his)

What I Do in VRChat: I like to explore many worlds and find people I’ve seen on social media platforms (You might remember me as Kai Bannon on Amino or @Z-Kai Kun on Project Z) and I love watching movies/shows inside various worlds including livestreams for everyone to watch with me. I also like playing the murder mystery games and obby worlds as well to relive my experience from Roblox (And you may even also remember me as techisbest on there). I also like finding many avatars and seeing what features they have that I’d might want to put on my own avatar someday. I have a collection of various avatars that mostly match my fursona’s colors. Finding good friends on there is always good fun and joining groups are very wonderful activities I like to help boost. If someone is feeling down on there, I make it all better and wonderful by expressing my wonderful support for all the good furs there is!

Why and How I Joined VRChat: Back in 2020 I was on quite a few online social platforms and wanted to see what new platform many furries were going to start using. Most of the content creators I watch were on this game and saw lots of funny videos with the Rexouium avatar. I also saw a few of my close friends on Steam were also playing that game as well and it was one of the top rated social games on there as well as it’s rising with recommendations. Well whad’ya know I downloaded the game from Steam and logged into it with my Steam account at first since it has that convenient login option and started to see what worlds would people be in that are handy useful to be in. At first I didn’t know how unity works and how I would put my avatars and worlds in the game but I was able to explore some neat looking worlds that were already there and change into one of the premade rexouiums so I don’t look like a random weirdo who just got on and possibly think I wasn’t a furry. But later I am certain that I do tend to blend in very well and is also welcoming.

Favorite VRChat Memory: I remember while being at a convention called Anthro Northwest there’s always a world that mirrors what’s going on at the convention through a camera in real time and whoever is there can see our avatars and hear our voices. I also met a lot of popular creators there and some high up VRChat players on there as well, got on my phone. Joined that world, and now they were all hearing me from both ends as I was watching a dual mirror of my real self and avatar at the same time as well. Who’d knew I would break a record someday.

Favorite World:

Movies/shows: Popcorn Time, LSM Media, Genesis Chill World.

Hangout areas: Furry Talk and Chill, FurLounge, Furry Hideout, Rexouria

Games: Murder 4, Among Us, Blackout (similar to murder 4), Shrek Cart Ride Obby, and especially the normal yet funny and hilarious elevator.

Sleeping: Dreams Train (that world makes me go to sleep if I go in there, hot take: it’s better than Rest & Sleep)

Useful tools: Prismic’s Avatar Search, YTS Video, VRCDB Avatar Search, VRC World Web Interface Demo, e621 browser (e926).

Livestreaming & recording: Tsubokura’s Home, CN’s ballpit, Dream Waves, Saji’s house.

I bought VRC+ to accommodate a lot of favorite worlds.

Picture of my usual avatar:

Why I came to these forums: I’ve been searching around the whole VRChat website such as documentation and where to report bugs as well as find out what other members are giving info facts about VRChat as well. I know Canny is meant for the bug/glitch issues and suggestions but I managed to find these forums which can be logged into with just my VRChat account and find more information on what members know about the game and what they need help with. Discourse works really smoothly and has a well modern design for an open source forum software. and I’ve used these types of forums before as well so I’m pretty used to how it works and all.

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Welcome! Glad to have more forum enjoyers :D

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