Introductions - Sai

Hey, i’m Sai, nice to meet you!

Name: Sai(renix)

What I Do in VRChat: Hang out with friends, DJ, run my own events, play games and work!

Why and How I Joined VRChat: I joined VRChat back in 2017 just slightly before the ugandan knuckles meme when some content creators ran around the platform. I thought the content was super funny so i joined and I’ve been here since! A little over a year ago I’ve also joined the team and have been helping across different teams since. Primarily i work on the Art Team as our dedicated graphic designer but i also help with localization and community efforts. I also help with work on our official VRChat worlds!

Favorite VRChat Memory: A lot of the funny RP situations back in 2017/2018 will forever be in my heart. Also the warp tunnel loading screen and Steel’n’Gold. Those live in my head rent free.

Favorite World: NieR:Automata Flowers or Gaia Night

Picture of my usual avatar: I swap around a lot but most people will probably know me for wearing the little sad cult cat avatar.

Why I came to these forums: I love engaging with our community and i see this as just one more place to do exactly so!


Hello Sai

thank you sai for not closing the CSS editor