Introductions - khr

Name: khr (i use they/them pronouns!)

What I Do in VRChat: these days, i mostly go to semi-weekly meetups with friends. i also go on world exploration dates with my partners.

Why and How I Joined VRChat: i got a valve index in early 2020 and was looking for VR games to play other than half life: alyx. i bounced off of VRC initially but became a regular user after being invited to a weekly meetup of furry friends started by an acquaintance on Mastodon.

Favorite VRChat Memory: meeting my two current romantic partners! i met them both through a weekly furry meet-up and i got to know them each individually largely through VRC dates, hangouts, and even falling asleep together in VR while we were long distance.

Favorite World: Fate of the Irrbloss

Picture of my usual avatar:

Why I came to these forums: i was interested to follow the weekly developer updates following the removal of modding options. i also hoped to find more resources for VRC avatar and world creation here, as official docs and web searches have often been insufficient. i also think forums are a way better way to organize a creative community than most current alternatives and am happy to see these gaining traction!


they/them gang rise up

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Hello, Khr! Reading about your experiences using VRChat is really interesting. I can see you’re excited and interested, and I promise this page has a lot of helpful information. It’s fantastic that this game is where you met your love interests!