Introductions - OkayuHanekawa

Name, pronouns: Im Christian Gacha/Okayu Hanekawa/ Robin the orphan/Ren Hanekawa/Kamitake

What I Do in VRChat: for now basically nothing because I have some trouble with the community itself so I quit for a while . Now I just stay around various places that seem to be abandoned or old .

Why and How I Joined VRChat: well Google , YouTube and apps i was using kept spamming my with the vrchat add so i decided to try it out

Favorite VRChat Memory:

Favorite World: none …

Picture of my usual avatar: none cuz im too poor to afford a commission

Why I came to these forums: for help … With vrchat and other stuff like avatar making and world making , to find friends and maybe have some fun in VRChat … My setup is not that good , basically a 2012 Intel Core I7 3520m thinkpad t430 with 8 ram and nvidia NVS 5400M graphics …

I have a few health issues too
Aspenger syndrome
Anger issues
Attention Deficid Hyperactivity Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and that’s kinda it …
Wish I could have some good friends . Maybe unbanned from the discord server and i don’t know … To have some help with how to make my own avatar and world .