Introductions - nekochanfood

Name: nekochanfood

What I Do in VRChat:

  • Talking to everyone by using the chatbox
  • Making the world and the avatar
  • Making Udon Gimmicks
  • Thinking of an interesting gimmick using OSC
    (I created a clock that works with OSC)
  • Participate in the VRChat Localization Project as a Japanese translator and proofreader

Why and How I Joined VRChat:

In 2020, My city was on lockdown because of that virus. My city said “Don’t go outside”, so I was bored.

Meanwhile, I found the game VRChat because I watched a video of girls and furries dancing on YouTube. I wonder if that moving is just an animation. But that was not, I am surprised that is tracking the full body in real-time.

I searched VRChat more and more, I realized that is a very wonderful and interesting world.

I am full of interested in that, so I Joined VRChat.

Favorite VRChat Memory:

I was excited the first time I celebrated the new year with VRChat.

Until that, I went to my parents’ home, ate something, and when the new year came, I tweeted “Happy New Year!” on Twitter, and then slept, that was it. I never experienced it to celebrate the new year with a lot of people.

Favorite World:

I have a lot.

  • Dreamy Sunset By もちもちも
  • ORGANISM By DrMorro
  • Epilogue․ Chapter 1 & 2 By DrMorro
  • Night Church By OPCherry

Picture of my usual avatar:

I almost use pastel-colored minahoshi.

Sometimes she turns like a British…

Why I came to these forums:

I would like to share the knowledge I have and help any users who are having trouble! Also, I would like to receive help and gain new knowledge from time to time!


I’m really glad we were able to make New Years a special time with your friends that you remember fondly! Welcome!