Introduction - naqtn

Name, pronouns:

naqtn, he/him

In Japanese, I spell as なくとん pronounced like “Na-ku-ton”.
Or you can also call me “Nack” in short.

What I Do in VRChat:

Since I’m a programmer, I’m initially interested in world creation, especially its logic or programs. But, these days, instead of my creation, I mainly do something that helps other users’ creations, like explaining ongoing changes in beta, reporting bugs, and exchanging new topics with Japanese and English communities. And I’m one of the Japanese proofreaders on the localization project of VRChat UI.

Why and How I Joined VRChat:

At the end of 2017, when significant population growth occurred, one of my friends introduced VRChat on his streaming. He was excited about modeling his avatars, and I was surprised to hear users can upload content freely. And gather them and play with friends instantly in it!

So I joined, and soon, I found language barriers around Japanese users and realized they needed more reliable information. So, I started to try to fill the “gaps” and “open” to others.

Favorite VRChat Memory and World:

I love to join a world where someone is creating at the moment. It’s nice to be chilling there, hearing voices about the progress (or stagnation), and helping with tests.

Some of such worlds aren’t present anymore but exist in my mind.

Picture of my usual avatar:
I usually use green-colored Kon-Chan.

Note that the robot on my head is the “main body.” :stuck_out_tongue: It is the first avatar I made just for testing, but I continue to use it, like as the icon in this forum.

Why I came to these forums:
It may be apparent from above. I joined to learn new topics, explain problems that users have, and exchange knowledge. to make better VRChat experiences.


I’ve always mispronounced your name “nat-q-n”…

Nakuton is a lot easier to remember. :sweat_smile: