Introductions - Dark



What I Do in VRChat

I generally just spend time with friends, usually talking or watching movies. Occasionally world hopping or attending events. My favorite activity is to discuss topics deeply with people, especially to learn from them.

I also create content, primarily VRChat worlds. I aim to learn as much as I can about Unity and VRChat, so I can develop visually stunning and immersive worlds, and most importantly: make them optimized!

Why and How I Joined VRChat

I technically made an account back in 2018, but back in March of 2022, I made the decision to try to use VRChat as a way to work on my social anxiety. I was able to meet up with an old high school friend who had thousands of hours on the platform, and they showed me the ropes.

2 years later, I have made a lot of progress, memories, and friends. I have found a lot of opportunities through this platform and associated communities. I also have learned a great deal more about mental health and my own ADHD partially because of VRChat.

Favorite VRChat Memory

I can’t really think of any specific one that stands out, though I do remember my technical “first day” on VRChat, which was that day with my old friend. It was nice to catch up and learn about VRChat.

Favorite World

I don’t have a specific one off the top of my head. I mostly just appreciate worlds that perform well, look great, and especially if they have immersive audio. Some examples are:

Picture of my usual avatar

Recently made this and it’s my main now. It’s my first “fully custom” avatar, I guess you could say.

Why I came to these forums:

It previously was just another means of communication in the VRC community, especially to try to participate and give direct feedback about VRChat. However, with the revamp, I will probably spend more time here.

My longer terms goals are to learn more about VRChat and game development, as well as help others. I feel like the forums are going to be a primary avenue to do that.

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Hi dark! i’d say welcome, but you’ve always been active here :D

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