Introductions - VVolfly

Name, pronouns: Wolfly | She/Her

What I Do in VRChat: Creating cozy worlds, spend time with friends, and attend music events.

Why and How I Joined VRChat:

After yearning for VR ever since the original Vive, and CV1 release I managed to snag a Samsung Odyssey+ for $220 during a holiday sale in 2019. Once Covid went into full force in the US in early 2020 I started spending a lot of time in VRChat and turned it into my primary creative outlet.

Favorite VRChat Memory:

I can’t concretely say what my overall favorite is, but if I had to pick one it would be me discovering my gender identity through my avatar and becoming my true self.

Favorite World:
Probably VirtualComfortRoom:Hibernation, specifically because the kotatsu section! I’ve spent a lot of time in this world over the past few years.

Picture of my usual avatar:
I have a variety of outfits for my avatar since I love working on her.

Why I came to these forums:

I want to help others as I received a lot of help when I first got into creating worlds and I want to pay that forward. Helping creators new or old warms my heart as I love to see people succeed and express themselves.


hiiii wolflyyyy

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