[GUIDE] Newbie-friendly Guide for Basic Expressions Menus and Toggles

Here’s a newbie-friendly guide for how to set up some basic custom expressions menus and toggleable objects for 3.0 avatars.

This guide assumes that you’ve already followed my VRChat Avatar Creation Guide (or at least understand all the stuff in it). It also delves into animations and playable layers, for which I’ve created a separate mini-guide to function as a primer on those subjects:

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is it possible to use an expression to ragdoll your avatar? I’m trying to make a custom expression that ragdolls the avatar after making some text [i think I can do it with a particle] and playing a sound. help would be appreciated.

I don’t know how to ragdoll an avatar. If there is a way, the physics components for it would only work for PC avatars. Sounds can be activated using expressions. Just create one animation to set the sound’s IsActive property to true, and have a separate animation for setting it back to false. Keep in mind that sounds, like several components, are PC only.

sounds are PC only? that doesn’t make much sense. thanks for the help though.