[GUIDE] Newbie-friendly guide for making a custom avatar from scratch

I recently created my first custom avatar from scratch for VRChat. While I was learning how to do this, I worked on writing up a google doc to document all the steps and pitfalls for the whole process of modelling an avatar in Blender all the way through uploading it through the VRChat SDK in Unity.

This guide assumes that you’ve had zero prior experience with Blender and Unity and it has lots of screenshots! I hope that this helps others going through the process of creating an avatar for the first time!

I’ve also made newbie-friendly guide for adding super-basic finger movements to avatars. I didn’t cover that topic in the my original guide, so I created a separate short document for it. Note: This only covers basic built-in finger movements. Nothing fancy like custom gestures or gesture overrides.

Here’s the google doc for that:


This is good! Rare to have a guide for from-scratch creation.

I moved your post to the Tutorials, Tools, and Resources category as it fits that a bit more.

In addition, you might want to add a note at the end that you should, once done with the Quest/Android version, swap to PC and upload to the same ID so PC users can see the avatar as well. :slight_smile:


Wow, I was just thinking of making a Youtube series for this. When you say newbie friendly, you really meant it. Teaches you the basics of Blender and everything.

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After a little more learning and playing around, I’ve got a couple new sections up in the tutorial for how to set up blinking and eye tracking using CATS and the 3.0 SDK’s Eye Look component in the Avatar Descriptor. I hope this helps someone trying to do eye stuff for the first time!


I’ve added a new document for adding basic finger movements to your avatar. This is linked in the original post ^.