Feedback on the official VRChat Learning Channel

Please reply to this topic with any feedback you have related to the content of the VRChat Learning Channel.


Hey, I’d love to learn how to make models and how to retexture.

Most people use apps like “Photoshop” or “blender” and I don’t know how to use them.

I have attempted to use blender before using tutorials but they were very unclear and I could not understand it.

I attempted to use another app for re-texturing and I was unable to do it, but I do not own photoshop due to their silly £15 a month for it.

I’ve attempted to use tutorials to make basic cars but I cannot even make a block because it is so fast paced and unclear. Maybe its just me?, but would love to learn how to make models and textures to use in VRCHAT.

Hi Endy, I’d recommend starting simple first and working your way up!

It seems like you’d like to do an ENTIRE avatar from scratch. But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, avatars are made up of lots of moving parts.

So I’d suggest focusing on the aspects that are you most interested in! For example, if you’d just like to have an avatar to customize, you could use a model made by someone else. Silent has a great list of free models here: Avatar Models · Wiki · s-ilent / Silent Cel Shading Shader · GitLab

This way, you could skip learning Photoshop or Blender - for now. As soon as you’re comfortable with how Unity works, you could dip your toe into customizing individual parts of it, and learning third party tools.

Don’t be discouraged if it seems difficult. We all have to start somewhere, and it’s best to take things one step at a time. It’s the only way you’ll improve.

Hope this helps!

The videos so far have been great! The chapter markers are useful, the videos are well produced and they seem to cover all the basics :blush:

If I had to nitpick, I’d advise adding closed captions to the videos. These can be auto-generated by YouTube, if you have the script for the video handy.

Thank you for making these videos, I think it will be a great way for new people to learn the proper ways to build avatars and to expand their building knowledge!

I know there are 100’s of videos out there on YouTube, but it is great to have a single source to look to that you know will work instead of having to sort through videos that may not work or are outdated.

I hope to see you cover topics such as setting up 3.0 avatar toggles, animations, gestures and more!

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’m just popping in to reply to mention I’m reading all this and it’s not just disappearing into the void. Keep it coming! :grinning:

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Small thing, the main VRChat YouTube channel should be linked in the associated Channels tab and same with the other way around.

Would make navigating VRChats YouTube presence much easier and more official-feeling. Same with descriptions on the channels, but those aren’t too needed.

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Oh, idk if this is related to this channels main theme, but a video listing every different menu and their submenus proper names would be incredibly helpful.

I see it all over in canny posts or in the VRChat discord:
Settings or circle menu settings, action wheel or expression menu, debug overlay or debug menu, and now the differences between the QM tabs vs the MM tabs.

It would help so so much to know how and what to call parts of the UI for making understandable bug reports and helping other users navigate the different menus.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve set up the linking between the channels.


I have watched many of them and would like to see more that may lean towards how to game a certain type of world, that way we can increase the amount of creativity into seeing more worlds of a certain nature like a game.

Some examples include making mini worlds of:

  • a Npc that chases/follow you kind of world
  • a shooter
  • a melee world with a sword
  • a eating world
  • how to animate a npc and have them wander or say things in a simulation world