[GUIDE] Newbie-friendly guide for making animated wings and gesture-based weapons

After making a few basic 3.0 avatars from scratch, I decided I wanted to try some of the more advanced features: making an avatar with animated wings a weapon I can summon by making a fist with my hand.

As I went about making this new avatar, I created a guide on Google Docs to keep track of all the steps and pitfalls involved with implementing these features. Like my original VRChat Avatar Creation guide I posted in these forums, I tried to write this in a way that is newbie friendly, with the assumption that the readers might not know anything about how playable layers work or how Unity’s Animations and Animator Controllers work (because I sure didn’t before trying it for myself!). Anyways, here’s the guide:


Thank you soooooooooooooo much for making this guide! Like you said, there really isn’t much documentation on Avatar 3.0 out there, so these sorts of things are extremely helpful! I’m using it to animate my character’s wings and tail :slight_smile: I don’t suppose you know how to import those animations from Blender instead of making them Unity? I have more experience there and find the tools much more intuitive than manipulating one transform at a time in Unity… I have an FBX with frames already created, I just need to figure out how to access them in Unity!

I haven’t tried using animation in Blender yet, outside of creating key shapes. So, I don’t know myself how to import Blender animations into Unity. Sorry about that.

From looking at some Unity docs and forum posts though, it sounds like you can just extract your animations straight from your model’s .fbx in Unity in much the same way you’d do for extracting materials.