Feedback: Community Updates

Hey all! We previously had a weekly update that we posted called the “Community Update”. You can see all of them in the Official:Community Updates category.

However, we stopped doing them back in December. This was mostly due to us having not much to talk about on a weekly basis-- things aren’t ready, we’re not ready to show off something, that kind of thing.

I’ll make the assumption that you want the Community Updates back. Do you have any suggestions of content? Keep in mind that the more often we post Community Updates, the thinner the content may be.

I’ll put a poll below to get a general idea, but please, feel free to post comments in this thread regarding what kind of content you’d like to see in our Community Updates!

How often would you like to see Community Updates?
  • Post Community Updates weekly, like before
  • Post updates every other week
  • Post updates every month
  • I have a different idea (post in thread)

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Weekly might be a bit overkill,
But an update once a month about the state of VRChat, whats done in the last month and the plans for the next month might be a nice thing to see.

maybe a ‘top new world of the month’ would be fun as well

So far, it’s looking like posting updates monthly is probably going to work out here. That’s lining up with what I’d be interested in doing.

Yep, agreed!

This could be fun, but it’d be pretty heavily weighted on what I’d personally found recently :smiley:

Then can we get “Udon tip of the month with Tupper” then? :computer:

Oooh, good idea, but you don’t want programming tips from me. :smiley: Maybe I can recruit Momo!

Once a season would be ok.
You can even ignore the schedule

@tupper Once a month would definitely be more beneficial to you and the community honestly. Obviously more things happen within a month’s time than just a week so could lead to better, much more content-filled updates, etc.

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Alrighty, let’s call it once a month! I’ll aim to get the next one out at the beginning of June.

It’s almost middle of June!

It certainly is!

We had some stuff we were holding on to that we’d like to write about so it delayed things a bit. However, I hope to get that changed soon and to have a post early next week.


:eye: :lips: :eye:
Next month has started!

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It has!

Apologies about the delays. We’ve got a lot going on and the Series D and all the work around that kinda took over for a good while.

The blog post there gives a good picture of what we’re up to. I’ll get you more info as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience :pray:

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Update: Yes, I feel the pressure of @asovrix 's weird creepy homunculus emoji monster on my back.

I’m working to get together a monthly digest of what’s going on with VRChat again. Trying my best!