Community Update - 26 May 2020

Hey all! Here’s another Community Update.

Hiring Interviews

Lots and lots of interviews! We continue to search for new team members - currently interviewing for Community Support and Server Engineer positions. We’ll be reaching out to our QA and UI Graphic Designer applicants soon!

If you think you’d be a good fit for the VRChat Team, please send us your application!

VRChat 2020.2.2

We hope to ship VRChat Release 2020.2.2 this week. A few fixes, including a fix for avatars lagging behind moving stations! The current release notes can be found here.

Udon Progress

Continued progress from the SDK team, exploring new features like Udon Graph Groups and a Player Audio API!

Here’s a small preview of the aforementioned Node Graph Groups-- they should help keep your nodes organized.

Design not final. Work in progress!

Feature Team

Feature Team has continued to prototype, iterate and explore ways of driving expression on avatars. We’ll be sharing progress in future updates!