Community Update - 1 June 2020

One more month behind us, and lots of new features on the way-- coming Soon™. Here’s your Community Update!

Continued Hiring / Interviews

The team continues to review applications and interview candidates for the Community Support (Support, Moderation) and Server engineer positions. So many great candidates!!

If you think you’d be a good fit, please submit your application and we’ll take a look.

VRChat 2020.2.2

We shipped Release 2020.2.2 last Thursday! A few fixes, including a fix for avatars lagging behind moving stations. Full beta release notes can be found here.

Next Release

Release team is heads down on features and fixes for 2020.2.3.

Udon Internal Work

SDK team hit a big internal milestone to make building Udon packages much easier and faster. This isn’t community-facing, but makes the VRChat team’s iteration time much faster, and preps us for some future features.

Updated Udon Node Graph

The new Udon Node Graph Node view is now in Closed Alpha! We’re testing and gathering feedback from our community testing group. We hope to have this out to the public soon!

Feature Team

Feature Team shared new prototypes of Action Menu and Avatar 3.0 features with the rest of the VRChat team last week. Lots of good feedback! Once that feedback is incorporated, they’ll start working with some of the community for additional feedback and iteration.