Community Update - 4 August 2020

Hello all! Time for another Community Update.

Join the VRChat Team

Interested in joining the VRChat team? We’re actively looking to fill a few roles. For those who have already applied, we are slowly working through all of these applications-- thanks for your patience! You should hear back from us one way or another.

VRChat 2020.3.2 and Avatars 3.0

The team is heads-down fixing the last few bugs in our upcoming release, VRChat 2020.3.2. We expect to ship this week if all goes well! You can check out the changelog here.

This update includes the brand-new Avatars 3.0 system! We’ll have a blog post out along with the release introducing everyone to the system. If you check our changelogs, you can find links to the AV3 documentation.

There’s also a lot of improvements to Full-Body Tracking in this update, including an improved calibration method that helps improve viewpoint replication in many situations. If you’re an enthusiast Full-Body Tracking user, we strongly encourage you to check out our open-beta and test it out!

If you’re curious about Avatars 3.0 and what it can do, take a look at our docs. We’re working towards having a nice blog post out for release.

To get started testing things out on the Open Beta, check out #open-beta-info on our Discord. Make sure you click the green reaction icon in that channel to get pings when we update the Open Beta.

Upcoming Udon Features

The Udon Team is continuing to fix bugs and add functionality to Udon. One of the next big additions is Array Sync among other improvements to syncing in general. We hope to be able to show this off soon!