Community Update - 8 June 2020

We had a busy last week! Here’s what we were up to.

Recruiting Update

We’ve filled the Community Support position! Thank you to everyone who applied - we had many amazing candidates. We’ll be on the lookout for additional Community Support in three to six months. The listing has been removed from the VRChat Careers website.

However, we’ve added a new listing: Trust and Safety Lead! The application should be live now. If you’ve got experience with moderation of online platforms and team leadership, this is your time to apply!

As always, if you think you’d be a great fit, send in an application via the VRChat Careers page.

VRChat 2020.2.3

We’re locking release 2020.2.3 this week and hopefully will be getting it into Open Beta by the end of week. There are some goodies in this update, including:

  • Fixed local world testing with multiple clients
  • Fixed voice falling behind in moving stations
  • Various Udon fixes

… and more! Make sure you’re following our #open-beta-announcements channel on our Discord to be notified when a new Beta has opened up.

Updated Udon Graph View

The new Udon Graph View is continuing with closed testing. Thanks to everyone contributing feedback and bug reports. We hope to open up testing further soon.

New UI

The Menu Upgrade team is making great progress on our new menu system! Some really cool systems have been implemented, including several quality-of-life changes and improvements across the board.

Avatars 3.0

Avatars 3.0 is now in Closed Alpha! The team is iterating based on feedback from our community testing group. They’ll be opening up testing to a wider audience when they are ready for more feedback.

Action Menu

The Action Menu team been iterating on their designs based on wider VRChat team prototype feedback. The result is a simpler, quicker Action Menu! They’re continuing to refine the system and when ready, will have more to share.