Where are the community updates?

It’s been a good while since we last had any community updates from VRChat.
We have had updates that was shown on the last stream. But that was a few months ago.

So my question is, what happened with these? Where are the posts? The live streams?

What’s the current status on the new UI?
Any updates on Avatar Dynamics?
What about groups, any preview about this that can be posted?

Would it be possible to get some update on the state of these?



These updates take a bit of time for us to whip together, mostly because of the issues we ran into from the stream. We can say “we’re working on Groups!” and “Avatar dynamics ready soon!” (both of these are true) but giving more detail than that sets expectations and dates we’re not OK with writing down on paper just yet. Things get pushed, shuffled, re-ordered, and then change a few weeks later.

I’ve been trying to get together more information that we can put out as a Community Update but, again, takes time. We’re very busy internally and despite us growing quite steadily (Careers — VRChat btw!) “time bandwidth” is still a very big, scary monster.

Oof, dev streams are time devourers. Eats up a lot of time from a lot of people that are currently on other vital projects.

That being said, they’re a lot of fun. We’ve also (somewhat accidentally) created the expectation that if we stream, we’re going to announce something HUGE. This isn’t always the case.

Also, I’d really prefer to finish more of the things we talked about before hopping on stream again, lol. Soon™.

I’ll try to get answers to these questions in the pending Community Update post, which is a thing-- I just gotta wrangle time and people to get it together, vet it for “do we wanna talk about this yet?”, get it reviewed, then get it posted. It isn’t just me slapping the keyboard for 10 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Short answer: Been trying to! Lots of stuff going on. No guarantees but we’ll try our best to get a new update out as soon as we can.


Thank you for the response Tupper!

From my view, I understand this, and know you guys are working on these features. But not everyone understands that.

Hopefully I can show this and the ones I’ve spoken to will somewhat understand that things aren’t just standing still, just takes time.

As for posting updates every week, always thought it would be better with once a month if anything :slight_smile:


That’s definitely what we wanna aim for.