Continuing the discussion from Developer Update - 30 May 2024

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Continuing the discussion from Developer Update - 30 May 2024:

The overlap of VRChat users and VRC Forum/Twitter users is very small. I constantly have to put in a ton of leg work in order to tell people about these features that are coming up. There are even a lot of people that are completely unaware of many VRC features that are announced as patch updates in the Discord.

Heck: I was keeping a pulse on HeadChop, and I didn’t even know it released about 2 months ago or something.

VRC has their banner system that they could easily use for dev updates, but they don’t:

They even have an entire News and communications system that goes woefully underutilized.

The last dev update posted in here was over a year ago, and they only supplied a snippet of the entire patch notes.

That’s unfortunately not how the world works. This is a very “Linux Elitist” mindset. If you want people to read or be aware of things, you have to push it in their faces. What better way then directly in the game they play?

I have met so many people that slander VRChat for things that were already solved or are working on, but they don’t know because they didn’t even know VRChat had a forum website, feedback system, or a discord server!


Yesterday I tried to help a new vrchat user on discord that was frustrated that he could not upload content because “not a new user yet”.

After some back and forth it became clear he was “active” in blender and unity. So I advised that person to do a donut tutorial.


Then continued to complain for 2 hours in chat that the light source and camera from the scene was deleted by mistake and did not know how to add it back. Eventually added a 3rd party solution??? to “solve” the problem.

Long story short. People that are not reading the dev notes now, will probably not read them even after you shove these in their face.

But I do agree that these sources of information need to be accessible from within VRChat. It stops the discussions as soon they see the answer to their question in game in front of them.

In that part I think it’s a missed opportunity by VRChat when it comes to bringing the creator mindset to the average VRChat user. The new home world has this wonderful portal on the left towards “No Time Two Talk”, but it imho really needs a portal to “No Time You Develop”. (no offense Fax, your world is amazing)


I don’t understand why the ingame News and other tabs are not used for patch notes and other updates either.

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