Expression issues

Im having a few issues with my Rusk avatar and it’s toggles

  1. When I try uploading my avatar, it gives me the error “No Assetbundle has been set for this build.”
  2. I have a toggle that activates a headset and removes the ears, but when i toggle it off, the ears come back, but the headset is still there.
  3. I’m trying to make it so that I can use multiple toggles at once, (e.g shoes + socks off, headset + no ears/tail) but I cant seem to have more than one toggle taking effect at a time, but there are some random exceptions (disabling shoes then socks only removes shoes, but disabling socks first then shoes works, but trying to put shoes back on doesnt work, and i have to reenable both)
    if I cant figure it out, ill probably just try starting from scratch again…

I suspect “write defaults” inconsistency. It will be on by default because of unity, but check and see what items are doing that you did not add. Either all in or all out.

One thing to keep in mind is that for each animator layer, you’re in one spot at a time, so depending on what is up you might need to have more options going away from certain states.

Hopefully you can find someone to comment on Rusk, but for an example of simple toggles, everything just is either on or off, raddoll has simpler toggles, so you can see how everything is on a different layer in the FX animator (animation controller). Can skip this, just a suggestion of something to check out.

For the animation (anim file), make sure the one you’re using to turn on ears and turn off headset actually does both.

In a pinch you can duplicate animation file, and edit the values. Find the animation that works for two changes, and edit the values on a copy to be the opposite. Unity is weird when actually saving changes. So if it crashes, double check that your changes actually saved.

If building is throwing errors, kinda need to resolve those first. The file not found is just that, SDK code ran to build, and something failed. It’s left to you to read the errors and warnings.

Personally I’ll clear the list, or restart unity, see if there are interesting messages that are sticking.