Avatar having diffent toggles on for quest when I’m on pc but not on quest

When I made my avatar I made it for pc initially and then I made it for quest. I didn’t change really anything but delete pc only assets. But now when I’m on pc I have questies saying that all my clothes are on or some are off and it’s all random sometimes. Stuff like the hands won’t move on quest but expressions still work. I’m not sure what to do, I haven’t changed any parameters that I can see. Does anyone have any advise. I wouldn’t mind remaking the quest version.

What I do as a PCVR user is I’ll build the “quest version” on pc and test the toggles.

Just as a specific example if you have pants and shorts on the PC version, and you toggle either one, on the quest version you should just remove that from the fx animator if you have just one option. Don’t touch parameters list.

If you leave the pants vs shorts toggle on the quest version without both items, you will merely turn one off…

But yeah, the parameters are important, data gets put in order. So use the same parameters for both and just ignore certain values when not neede

When I made the quest version I copied it over and turned it into android could that of messed anything up?

If you are using VRC Fury, this could be the issue. When you delete VRC Fury assets, you could be changing the order of the avatars parameters, this would explain your issues. Ive ran into this many times before, and its very stinky :(

The syncing between Quest and PC Im pretty sure depends on the order of the data in the parameters. For instance if on PC you have two parameters in the following order hatToggle, shirtToggle. But on Quest you have shirtToggle, hatToggle. On PC if you toggle the hat, the shirt toggles on Quest. If you have lots of parameters, and on the quest side there are missing parameters, Im sure you could see how things get mixed up. At least Im pretty sure this is how it works!

Make 100% sure your parameters are the same on Quest and PC. If you are using VRC Fury, instead of deleting the VRC Fury addons, delete whats inside of them (Such as mesh renderers, constraints and audio sources). Ive also found that the order of VRC Fury assets can mix up parameters too.

Hopefully this helps!

Are you using the same parameters file for both PC and Quest ?

This should always be done.

I explain why here