Quest and PC Avatars

I play on quest but my friend plays on pc but when he turns on toggles in expressions i can’t see them and it goes the same for me. Is this normally because I’ve never seen it and if not how do i fix it.

If you made the model yourself, that could be due to a toggle that is not “synced”, in the parameter object in Unity, where you define what type of variable it is, you need to check the synced value for it to be replicated for every other user showing your avatar. This needs to be done both on the quest and PC version of the avatar for it to work.

if i didn’t make it does that mean the person who made the avatar didn’t turn that on?

Are you both testing one avatar? Or just in general any avatar stuff won’t sync?

In safety setting the is option to disable “custom animation” and that could also screw with toggles working.