Avatar desync between quest and pc

Ive made an avatar that keeps desyncing between pc and quest,
The avatar was copied over and is not showing the right thing on quest, such as having the fluff enabled on quest when the pc version has it disabled. The only diffrence between the 2 is that i removed a pc only asset from it

Is the parameters list the same? The data for parameters is a block of 256 bits and how to encode or decode is in there. So if you removed an item from parameters that could be problem.

Like if you have a toggle on bottom for PC, that’s fine.

You my want to verify that the parameters that are setup for your avatar are marked as synced values. If not you my get some desynchronisations. That is asuming that the desync would occure as well between two PC avatars, else i’m unsure what could cause it aside of a dedicated condition (like explicit if pc or if quest).