Developer Update - 1 December 2022

Aggggh… all this craziness with version swapping resulted in some confusion. I’m fixing it now.

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So when is Udon’s TextMeshPro part going to be complete? When is the bug with Creator Campanion not migrating/ migrating projects with the last scene’s scripts being rest going to be fixed? When are the Desktop Camera buggy controls while sitting going to be fixed when are the UI text overlapping bugs are going to be fixed? Please, stop moving onto the new features and fix the old once.

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The engineers working on features are not the same ones working on the bugs you’re mentioning. Development is not a serial process.

Please post the issues you’re describing to our Feedback boards and we’ll address them as soon as we can!

Groups is awesome! Any updates on nvidia VRS?

^ That is the latest info.


I am absolutely loving these updates. The Dev team has really done some amazing work this year.

I heard that the trust ranks were scaled down in scope in the early days because some of the “veteran” or “legendary” folks were a little toxic. Likely, because they considered themselves superior to the lower user ranks based on the exclusivity of their title.

Have there been concerns that public facing exclusive invite only groups might bring back the old attitudes among some of the newer enthusiast/hardcore VRChat users?

Also, is there a moderation process in place to ensure that there are no groups designed for the purposes of hate, discrimination, and/or harassment?

Thanks for the amazing work! I am super excited for the future of the platform!!


It’s a focus of mine to help newer users get acquainted with the interface, features and what the communities have to offer in VRC. Better onboarding would definitely help with that process! Thank you! Glad to see it is among the things discussed! :smiley:

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If Toxmod is implemented then it might best be only in public worlds. Because in private worlds there are insults and friendly banter in conversations between friends that would be flagged in a heartbeat.


If it’s supposed to be a “core feature” it really makes no sense to lock anything behind Plus.

I’m working on the video I’ll be submitting for the NYE.
Please tell me there will at least be a list of all videos used somewhere afterwards. orz

This isn’t correct. Those were removed before Trust Ranks even launched because they were redundant and offered no functionality.

No more than a Discord server, Twitter circle, MMO guild/clan/corp, or private party might.

Yes, it’s essentially identical to the Community Guidelines as it applies to individuals.

As has been stated a few times (twice in this thread, the blog, the video, in the FAQ, on Twitter, on Discord), locking it behind VRC+ initially is meant almost entirely as a “let’s not knock over our databases” measure.

Please direct all questions regarding the video stream to the thread for it!

That being said, we didn’t plan on listing them, but I don’t see any reason we wouldn’t… aside from the fact we didn’t tell people submitting them that we’d do that. So, that’s a factor.

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Meaty update.

I’m very interested in hearing more about the Groups roadmap, as I can spend all day posting feature requests on the canny but I trust you guys know most of them. I really want tasty Discovery and Marketing tools for creators :wink:

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I’ll add @mochi~#5537 LITERALLY JUST released this which allows using ARKit for OSC trackers.


“As soon as we can” is great unless it results in people losing functionality or ability because you haven’t fixed bugs before releasing backward-incompatible changes. Like enforcing the use of VCC/VPM when it’s got bugs that prevent people from actually using it.

i.e. VPM project upgrade fails on Linux

While I’m indifferent to whether group creation is locked behind VRC+ (if anything im supportive of it), a cool alternative could be similar to how discord nitro allows users to change the four numbers after their name? Like with vrc+ you could have your group tag be changeable as long as it isn’t taken! This would allow users to have groups and still have a bit of extra fluff for vrc+ users. Keep up the good work though, y’all have been killing it recently!

I very much hope this holds true, seems like it would be a nightmare, and a privacy violation to be honest.


Yeah I don’t think it would work as a rigid “features always graduate out of VRC+ after X time” rule, but it makes sense from a revenue perspective. Graduating features to the free tier (like with favorites list sizes) would probably keep most free users happy while still placing some value in VRC+.

The banner for groups resizes when hidden. Depending on nameplate size, a different amount of the banner is hidden when not fully shown. Maybe it could just be nameplate BG?

Do not block old SDK uploads. This is a pointless action that benefits no one. If people want to try and upload obsolete content that is their own business, and their own responsibility if it doesn’t work. All VRChat has to say if anyone asks about SDK2 problems just say “we don’t support it any more you have to figure it our yourself or use the new SDK”. Depreciate it, don’t supply it, but don’t block it.

I’ve said this before, but i personally have great ambitious for creating vrchat world content that is experientially engaging/immersive but not functionally complex. I cannot and will not be able to make these in Udon. SDK2 worldbuilding is simple and logical and easy to figure out without needing any complicated graphing knowledge or coding knowledge, or relying on subpar third-party utilities that produce things very difficult to troubleshoot without requiring an expert. This barrier of entry is deterrent to creators and hinders creative content on the platform, limiting it to only the most dedicated. Creating prefabs to automate the process is not a solution, it’s a bandaid for a problem that still exists.

That is also not to mention that VCC provides an additional psychological barrier to entry as it as an additional thing, an additional step needed to get things working, and an unnecessary one when the SDK’s could have been patched and distributed internally in the Unity environment using github proxy and the existing Package Manger, even including automated updating.

Are you trying to discourage people from creating stuff?

Monitoring communication at all times sounds very dystopic, and would probably lose you more customers than EAC did. Just saying. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”


Still no Steam Audio?

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Is there a list of fixes or anything notable from the upgrade to 2019.4.40?