Developer Update - 8 December 2022

Cool with the picture feature! Any plans to be able to connect these to Group galleries and make is a slideshow?

I’m betting that day will be when VRChat gets the next Unity upgrade. The current render pipeline isn’t supported in newer versions, so that will have to change, breaking all worlds with unsupported shaders in the process (including earlier SDK3 worlds, unless updated with new shaders).

A lot of common shaders these days do support SPS-I (Single Pass Stereo Instanced), VRChat only started compiling them like, last April?

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Fun fact about the update rate thing, it’s not the entire issue. OSCmooth is just interpolating, so what you’d want for parameter sync is interpolation.

You can get interpolation to work right now, but it requires you to have 4-axis puppet menus open at all times to get 8 float parameters.
The old cough “unofficial” solutions exploited this functionality in code instead.

I just cooked this up, updoot if you want float smoothing. ^^"

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So many things I want to ask about, but just don’t have the energy anymore… so simple concepts should get the point across.

  1. Flying Cam On = FBT Avi Calibration Broken in Live
  2. Camera size & grab distance PLEASE
  3. Slider bar on cam messed up to use in Live
  4. Rendering engine still stripping clothing off avatars. Render should always be Ouside → Inside
  5. Sitting in chairs broken for all FBT users since forever.
  6. Groups is nice, well done.
  7. Flying cam is nice, well done, why don’t pins record flying as a parameter on it’s storage.
  8. Avatar arm-height ratio. WONDERFUL… now a nightmare of having to manually adjust each avi

Yah, that’s what i have… most of the new stuff is really nice, but the stuff listed above is some really core stuff I use and none of it’s been touched.


I’ve not seen it say temporary anywhere, only that it might not stay. Do you have a link or screen shor?

I understand and have no problem with it being so before the full release.

Continuing the discussion from Developer Update - 1 December 2022:

Continuing the discussion from Developer Update - 1 December 2022:

TL;DR: Looks like tupper replied to you in the last thread.

I dont think I saw the first reply… that’s good to read but still I dislike that they’re open to keeping it that way.

Again, second reply adresses doing it at the start and why and I have no problem with that so it’s not relevant to my point.

So the closest we have to a confirmation is ”that’s the idea” that it will be unlocked. They have not said it’s going to actually be unlocked, as far as I know.

But thanks.

It should not break everything, just shaders that rely on UNITY_SINGLE_PASS_STEREO. And maybe a handful of other such. Afaik there is no intention of switching to HDRP or URP (which would be a 100% content reset). I remember TCL giving some reasons the BIRP suits better for VRC.

Agreed, this makes the camera almost as annoying to use as the original one. Including inability to laser without moving hand way back from it. I feel like i’m drawing a bow just to operate it.

Nice to see everyone’s excitement about dynamic images!

We’ll probably tweak dynamic image limits before launch, during testing. It’ll be interesting to see how creators use them! :wink:
Our current approach is to limit the refresh rate of dynamic images, but a maximum limit may also be useful.

Worlds control image loading with Udon scripts. We’ll provide a script for it in the SDK, so you won’t need to code anything yourself.

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Omg thank you I didnt know that the ability to create groups that is VRC+ locked is Temporary lol cause at first I got so mad about the ability to create groups was going to be Vrc+ locked forever and I made a YT vid about lol but Im glad its Temporary

Yes, it works on Quest!

I guess follow-up question does the Remote Images count towards the total file size of the world?

Nope - they’re loaded after you load into the world and will not be reflected in your world size.

That is often the question to be had for a lot of things. It’s very blatant that the majority of users are most interested and concerned about what can be done with avatars before worlds. It is a social platform after all; interaction takes priority for majority users over what things might be in the environment. There really ought to be some more unique features like this (and stuff like avatar dynamics receiving particle collision messages for example, particle force fields, or blit for optimizing fullbody haptics etc) for avatars to enhance creativity and interaction with them. Dynamics was a huge deal, but that doesn’t need to be the end of it.

I’ve seen a number of people, especially in the past, but still present now, creating avatars that have flipbooks of photo memories on the for example, and being able to fetch these from the internet would lighten the weight of them a lot. Even being able to query stream textures and such (especially if you can manually request them prior to actually rendering them) could greatly optimize avatars that have features on them that are only used occasionally.

Another idea that’s been bouncing around is dynamic prop system, so people can spawn in card games or whatever instead of needing to go do a specific world for it. Have them udon-enabled but with a command/operation budget for performance reasons, and a global maximum prop spawn, or only allow one of each unique id.

For dynamic images I can’t wait to see what the whitelist looks like. Hoping that GitHub pages makes the cut.

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What happened to adjusting the Trending/Hot algorithm that you have mentioned you would do 3 months ago?

It should be, yeah!

I think that’s still being looked into.

Though I hope VRCat’s Variety Box has helped you discover new worlds!

The Variety Box certainly helped and I know how to find quality worlds as somewhat of a veteran. The change in the algo would be aimed at the majority of more casual players to help them find fresh quality worlds and not just the same over 1 year old ones. The variety box is a great step though, as it puts a … variety into the first page people see, from what i gather though many still click on “trending” anyway to see what new worlds may or hopefully be there.

Groups seem to be a big win with the community. :+1: On the other side some people are talking about massive Bans and better transparency to why said ban would be issued. (More detailed explanations) Idk. :man_shrugging:

On another note. :love_letter:

Im thinking of making a group that helps people new to VRC, Consisting of people who have a good understanding of the Menu system and how most things work with in the worlds. Some one who can be approached and asked questions about VRC.

Would VRC helpers break TOS? (Impersonating Staff). The description would clarify that the group has no affiliation with the VRC staff. But id much rather be safe then sorry by asking first.

I hope the VRC team have a fantastic New years and Holidays. I feel this year has been tough on everyone, so I hope everyone can take some times to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. To a new year and a fresh start. :snowman_with_snow: :christmas_tree: :tada: :confetti_ball: