Custom values for far clipping planes are broken?

I am not sure if it’s a bug with a recent vrc update or the jump to 2022 but my world needs a far clipping plane of about 40,000 to see planets that are extremely far out but no matter what value I set far clipping to, it will no longer apply it when in vrc specifically. In unity play-mode, it works as intended. The project is still on 2019 SDK, however I did attempt to migrate a copy of it to 2022 which ended up just breaking too much things and I didn’t really want to mess with trying to fix all of that. If there is any work around for this, please let me know. -Or perhaps it could get fixed in an update if it’s something simple.

There is a similar bug where camera taps out at 50000 Canny

Reading the comments of that canny post definitely seems like these issues are potentially linked. Someone was mentioning that near clip wasn’t excepting custom values either and would default to 0.05 (If I was reading that comment right). I usually set all my worlds to have 0.01 near clip and I haven’t tested to see if my near clip is working but I might test that later tonight. Thanks for the reply tho!

Not sure about near clip, seems like it’s working. However, I can confirm that any of my worlds that need around 10,000 or more far clipping causes objects in the distance to partially disappear or completely disappear. All my worlds that are uploaded have been made on 2019 SDK btw. (since they were made before the 2022 update)

Surely you run into Z-clipping nightmares with extremes like that? The larger the difference between the near and far clip values, the less precise the Z-buffer is. Using 0.05 and 40k would result in absolutely terrible precision.