Would a download queue be possible?

I’m not sure if this properly tagged, i came to the forums to ask about this, and so it is my first time.

I’m asking if it would be possible to get a download queue system in the future.
I have really bad internet and my main issue with VRChat is the “All at once” type of download, and i was wondering if it would be possible to get an option for smaller avatars to be downloaded first before larger avatars, maybe one at the time too?
The fact that everyone is downloading at the same time, means that larger avatars can really slow down the speed for everyone’s download, making me sometimes wait away from people a good moment before interacting with anyone.

I also hide most people with safety settings, only my friends and the people i manually show.
And the second question i have to ask (but is much less important) is, why are people shown as blue diamonds when loading and not just the average gray robot? It’s much harder to tell where they’re looking and if they’re laying down/afk.

I have never worked in game development so i hope my questions are not too intrusive or oblivious. Thank you for your time and i am looking forward to seeing answers from anyone willing to reply.


I suggest setting your max download size to a smaller size then.

As for requests, it’s best to use https://feedback.vrchat.com/, just be sure to try search first

Thank you for the link, Should i post on there and leave this one?

And The issue with max download is that i still want to see my friends, people that sometimes have large avatars, and i’m okay with waiting a little bit, but that wait would be easier processed if some people (smaller avatars) loaded first before others (larger avatars) making it so i can gradually see more and more of the people i have shown visible, instead of all of them taking long to load because they’re all loading at once.

You be able to force show your friends, then any limitations are ignored. Interestingly enough I found someone using a “loading” avatar last night.

For the most part the loading one is usually short lived, so maybe vrchat needs option to use a robot. I think the download queue, and changing the placeholder avatar should be filed as separate suggestions