Whole game stopping when loading avatars

Whatever world or avatar it is, my game just stops when loading (“unpacking”) every avatar.
This looks like this:

  • I enter the world with some people
  • When first is installed and start to load, my game stops for a minute.
  • Then second avatar is loading and I wait another minute.
  • And this repeats until every avatar on the world (or in area) finally loads.
  • When someone enters the world, then my game stops again and I have to wait more.

It’s annoying. This happens only in VR mode (with SteamVR). On PC mode I don’t have this issue.
I should probably also mention that I use Driver4VR (and Kinect) for tracking.
But I blame a weak computer for this, so if I were to change any components in my computer, what should I focus on to solve this problem?
Is there something else I should try?

Are you using an SSD or spinning rust?

Ram amount and current CPU would be good to know.

I still need to try VRChat on desktop with potato

  • Normally I have SSD, but games I’m installing on second HDD hard drive, but if it helps I can try installing VRChat on main SSD.
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • The CPU is i5-3470 from Intel

I’m now wondering if it’s not to weak to even use VR, hah. Am I right? But then what should I focus on first? CPU?

Game itself shouldn’t matter, it’s more the location of the cache. C:\Users\user1.… You can look it up

With only 8gb of RAM I sightly hesitate on agreeing about the CPU, maybe you can peek at a program that reveal if swap (virtual memory?) Is being hit hard?

I think it’s ram, but I think you should see how much CPU percentage is used just to dance around a bit in the “avatar test chamber” by yourself. If you get the mirror and the clone in view that’s like three copies of the avatar being rendered. Avatar testing chamber? It’s portal themed.

My cache is on my main (SSD) drive, so probably it’s not the reason.

I noticed that after entering some world, my game is using almost 100% of memory and CPU, but when it’s stopping (when avatar is unpacking) just memory is used almost all. I found some old memory sticks, so I will try adding them to my computer. After this I should have 16 GB of memory. I will try also buying new CPU, or optimizing computer.

I will reply when something changes.

Do you have a possible budget? There is also RAM speed to consider, and consistency between the types of RAM typically helps if I’m not mistaken. I definitely recommend upgrading to some higher-end RAM of 2x8GB sticks (16GB). just 8 GBs these days is a big hindrance on most demanding tasks these days let alone VR.

I don’t know if I have enough budget.
But isn’t enough when I add another memory sticks? I could have 4x4GB, all 1333MHz (just models are different). But even if it’s too slow, could it work for now, until I buy better, faster 2x8GB RAM (until I get enough money for this)?

The slow ram isn’t ideal, but it’ll probably still help with the issue.

I regularly run in VR just fine with old DDR3-1600 ram.

Yes, if you aren’t one to build computers you are likely best to just add the RAM you can atm (being your 4x4GB) until you can buy yourself a new Pre-Build.

Something is better than nothing, in this case at least. But there is little to no guarantee that your issue will be resolved by this short-term upgrade.

I added more memory sticks and actually it is better. For now it’s good but still I’m going to buy new 2x8GB (or maybe 2x16GB) of RAM.
I still have another type of crashes because of CPU, so that means I’m planning another upgrades.

Thank you all for help. I am very grateful.

It seems that the game doesn’t like small amounts of RAM.

Lucky there was easy solution this time:
Have better computer (more RAM, and better processor).

And i think that the system requirements for VRChat that Steam shows are not very true (“4GB RAM” XD).

I agree I’m surprised it says that. I’m glad you’ve found yourself a decent solution for the time being!

See you in the game! ~