What is the roadmap looking like for VRChat in 2024 and beyond?

Hey VR Chat family,

Hope everyone’s doing well! :milky_way: I’ve been a part of VRChat for about 7 years now, and I gotta say, it’s been an amazing journey seeing how this platform has evolved over the years.

So, I’ve got a few burning questions on my mind about the roadmap for VR Chat in 2024 and beyond. Specifically, I’m curious about the impact of mobile on the platform. Surely this is going to have a huge impact quite possibly more than even the PC and Quest side.

I’m also interested in is the possibility of increasing the quantity of users per world on a more consistent basis. I mean, special events are great and all, but it’d be super cool if we could have larger gatherings more frequently. Is it just a matter of beefing up processing power, or could communities and organizations pitch in with their own hosting power to make it happen?

And speaking of making things happen, let’s talk about the financial system. I know there’s been some beta testing with creators, but what’s the holdup in rolling out this system to everyone? Also, are there any plans to reconsider the percentages for creators? I mean, compared to other platforms, the current setup feels a bit… well, let’s just say less than ideal. It’d be awesome if VR Chat could offer something more competitive to help creators thrive, something at least at parity with the systems we use to commercialize our VRChat content currently which provide a much higher percentage of return that what VRChat has proposed.

VR Chat has acquired a cool $95 million in funding through the most recent Series D of $80 million in 2022, which is seriously impressive. But hey, investors aren’t exactly known for their infinite patience, right? So, what’s the plan for the future? Are we aiming to keep growing independently, or is there talk of joining forces with a bigger player like Valve, Meta, or Google? Just curious to know what the long-term vision looks like.

Anyway, I just wanna wrap this up by saying a huge thank you to the VR Chat team and our amazing user community for all the hard work you’ve put in. Seriously, you’ve created something truly special here, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!




Hey, can’t help but notice it’s a little quiet in here. Any responses would be welcome @ VRChat folks.

The VRC Teams doesn’t always respond.

For the roadmap, you can check what they have on the canny page at https://feedback.vrchat.com/

For the financial, i think they are working on the individual payment system so people can do tips for events to someone or a creator.

For all the money and partner thingy, they will probably not reveal those kinds of information randomly.

For the world cap, that’s usually limited in the first place to avatars being super heavy anyway. And they push updates to limit that in the latest update. https://ask.vrchat.com/t/developer-update-14-march-2024 I know Tupper experiments sometimes an increase for words.

Hope it helps you a little bit.