Developer Update - 18 May 2023

Developer Update - 18 May 2023

Welcome to the Developer Update for 18 May 2023!

Important Info / Announcements

Video Dev Update - Creator Economy

Today’s Dev Update is a Video Dev Update! We have these every once in a while in place of a text Dev Update.

In this video, Strasz is going to tell you about our upcoming Creator Economy, and what to expect in the next few months.

We also have a blog post you can read here. It’s basically a text form of the script, so either/or.

Dev Updates are now biweekly!

As a reminder, Developer Updates are now on a biweekly (once every two weeks) schedule. The next Dev Update will be on June 1.

Quest 1 Deprecation Date Reminder

After June 30th, 2023, we will no longer provide support for the Meta Quest 1 headset.

Please see our previous Dev Update on the matter for more information.


Just the video today! Creator Economy is one of the biggest projects we’ve worked on and it is a long time coming.

If you have questions, please ask in this thread! We can’t answer everything, but we’ll try our best.

Thank you, and see you again on June 1!


If the World Instance scraper and the “World has been Updated” tag are working, this would be a pretty good boon. Else, the current underlaying systems makes it hard to know when worlds have more instances and if a creator has updated a world. Example: I recently updated a world that finally said I did on 5/17. I’ve updated it 5 other times since the previous notification that I had an update which was 4/23. Almost a month later.

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Will it work for Russia


As noted in the video and blog, US-only for now. This is due to regulatory limitations.

We’re trying our best to work on this as fast as we can, it’s a huge pain. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Don’t know what “world instance scraper” is but the Recently Updated bug is being worked on. Very deep, systemic bug that’s tied to systems that haven’t been worked on in quite a while, so it’s taking a bit to work it out.

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yeah i though just beta test will be for US

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The “World Instance” tab does not update at all. Once you see the instances, it doesn’t make a call to the server to get a new list (scrape), you’re stuck with about 8 or so instances you can poke at until you restart VRChat and get a new list.


Got it, please make a Canny for that bug with repro steps (and ideally a video if you’re feeling extra), or link the existing one here!


Creator economy is exciting, but we really need a promise that the following major bug will be fixed:

[1281] Social Menu performance severely degraded | Voters | VRChat

Without a fix, continued use of the friend location screen in the social menu will eventually result in complete performance destruction, making it impossible to use. The only workaround right now is to potentially screw up your Windows install by editing the registry.

I did this about two weeks ago. I had to do it again today because opening and scrolling this menu dropped me from like 35fps to 5fps.

Please, PLEASE fix this. Don’t make users choose between potentially messing up their Windows install or simply not being able to use VRChat.

Yep, fix on the way.

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Guess I will since it’s been a thing since the old menu system. To the canny!

Will it use Steam’s integrated payment system or an external one like stripe or such?

Thank you so much for the clarity :pray:

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I hope to see things like being able to share an avatar i made with people that paid without having to give away files, would help a lot preventing leaking.


Please please also look into this idea: Allow Instance number entry

Anyways. Here’s the canny for future references: [1238] World instances list does not refresh/update
Apparently it’s “Tracked” yet this issue’s been a thing for a very long time.

How big will the cut be? Will it be comparable to platforms like patreon or ko-fi? Will it be more a subscription type system or more micro-transaction-y?

I really hope this is done properly, I’d hate to see vrchat eventually turn into a similiar state as roblox where almost every single game is a cashgrab made for 8 year olds

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Any plans to fight people who straight up gonna create ripper groups to sell other people’s works?
If there was money involved, they gonna be even more problem than before.
They already heavy impact publics, forcing any avatar creator simply don’t use their favourite avatars on them.


Exact details will come later, but we’re working with an external payment processor. Don’t have answers for you beyond that.

As the video and blog point out, more robust avatar systems will come later, but we feel your pain. :smiling_face_with_tear:

We’re going to be 100% transparent with cuts and distribution, but we’re not sharing numbers just yet. Our goal is to allow creators to earn as much as possible.

To start, it’s closer to a subscription system to support creators. More details later on.

For a bit of context, the reason we have taken so long to do this is because we are painfully aware of what people do and don’t like about existing creator economies. We’ve played those games and apps too, and we have… opinions. :sweat_smile:

We wanted to create a system that serves supporters and creators as much as it helps keep VRChat alive and afloat. We’ve gotten a good bit of the way there, but now we’re ready to have people start poking at it and help us figure out how to build it best.

I’m making assumptions here, but VRChat follows the process referred to as “DMCA”, as required by law. We’ll also take other action within our rights and capabilities as necessary, as we always have.

You can learn about it here: Copyright — VRChat

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Problem is people do it all the time with the creator’s cries ignored. For years. Most have given up fighting to get their property back. The team needs to get tighter and better protection systems in place. EAC won’t stop model ripping at all.

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We do not ignore DMCA requests. We are required by law to honor them, and we do.

As noted in several previous Dev Updates, we have made and continue to make efforts to curb illicit asset ripping as much as is technically feasible.